Just take a look at the backyard of Staytoo Berlin. Where building material is stored, will be soon plenty of room for your bikes. We are shortly starting to take bookings for February 2018. StayTuned, if your are looking for a new home in Berlin.

Also in Berlin fall is closing in. Whereas we work towards the opening in the beginning of 2018, things are starting to rumble in the rest of Berlin (especially in the government quarter) with the election coming up. In this picture you can see the view out of the ground level towards the Dudenstraße. We are excited to receive the first booking requests for Staytoo Berlin soon. So, #StayCurious!

Summer, sunshine, Staytoo! The construction in Berlin proceeds under summer skies to finish your Staytoo apartments. On this picture you can see the beautiful Dudenstraße and take a look into the ground floor on which your StayFit area and your StaySocial areas will soon be waiting for you.

In Berlin we are finalizing the interior construction of the apartments. Soon the first rooms are also going to be ready for the furnishment. Here you are able to see the Layout of one of our apartments in Berlin. StayTuned for further Updates!

In Berlin one is also already able to imagine calling Staytoo home soon. Here you can see the entire facade from the perspective of a pedestrian. StayInformed and be the first to know when we will have a Showroom available in Berlin! So soon you will not only be passing by, but entering the Foyer to get to your own Staytoo Studentapartment.

No, this is not our new hall of mirrors, but the frame work for interior walls of the apartments. Our self-contained, 19 m² apartments have everything you need for independent living. If you prefer to have your own kitchen and living area alongside your private bathroom and bedroom with study area, then one of our studios could be perfect for you. Please find further information at: www.staytoo.de/en/apartments/



This is going to be the front side of our apartment building in Berlin. Isn’t it hard to imagine, that 153 students will go in and on a daily basis? Can’t you just imagine this as the gate to your new home? Then sign up for our Newsletter and be one of the first people to be informed about the next steps.


In Berlin you are able to see the backside of your possibly next apartment building. Maybe in a few months you are going to look out one of those windows and will be part of our StayCommunity. We are excited for the finished building and can’t wait to help you find a new home!

Are you able to guess which part of the complex this is going to be? Spot on, this is going to be the main entrance of the building, leading to our StayWelcomed Area. Maybe it is also going to be the main door to your next home. We are very excited for the further progress of this building.

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