Finally! Last Saturday we showed you guys into our Staytoo building in Leipzig. Having played a couple rounds of beerpong while listening to some good music, we had a real good time with you guys! So we got to show you the almost finished lobby and the community areas. Do you want to play beerpong with the Staytoo Community on the regular? Then make an appointment to visit one of our apartments and come along.

Finally our logo decorates your almost finished Staytoo apartments. The final construction phase has now begun and we are working with full capacity so you can move in on time in Leipzig for the start of the semester. Want to take a look at your future apartment beforehand? No problem! Just contact us at (+49) 40 / 380224555 or There are regular visits.

In the ground floor as well as the first floor all of our student apartments are as ready as they’ll ever be for getting furnished! Throughout the next weeks the other floors are also going to be made ready for the furniture and you. We are incredibly anxious to see the next finished addition to our portfolio and are still incredibly excited about all of your visits! You would also like to see the building and showroom live? Then leave a message at 040/380224555 or write us an E-Mail at

Come in! In a few months everything here will be ready, but for the moment we are ver about all your visits to our Showroom. On this picture you are able to see the Foyer, which is also coming together more and more. Soon there will be a lot going on here, since you will be marching in and out of the building every day. You would also like to have a look at the Showroom? Then sign up at either or call at +49 40-380224555

Many people say that the three most important things for a building are location, location and location. With the HTWK campus on the other side of the street and the HfTL University a little less than 200 m down the road… can it get any better?

Just call +49 40 380 22 45 55 for more information and show room visits!

Your own apartment and a comfy balcony? There can barely be anything better! This opportunity presents itself to you on the topfloor of our apartment complex, which you can see on the photo. If you want to be one of the firsts to enjoy this view during the Wintersemester 2017/18, book now at Starting in April, we are going to have a show room ready, so you can have a look at your next home.

The construction in Leipzig is still moving forward in great steps. Same as in Kaiserslautern, we weren’t able to build anything for a short period of time – it was just too cold! But now we are starting with the interior construction of the first rooms. We are really excited for further progress and curious to see the end product together with you.

The construction in Leipzig is moving forward in huge steps. Now you are already able to view the building as a whole. Can’t you just imagine how the building is soon going to be filled with life? StayTuned for further Updates and wait excitedly, just as we will, for the finshed product.

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