Make Student Life as Stress-Free as Possible – #StayStressFree

Stress is terrible! It ruins your time with friends and family, because you just can’t really get rid of it. Since we don’t want you to go to the hospital with a stomach ulcer this semester, we have put together a short list of the best tips and tricks for you.


  • Meditation: You can not imagine the difference it will make. It doesn’t even have to be yoga. Just simply focus on breathing, and relax both mentally and physically. The term “meditation” tends to bring a floating old man to mind, but it is really just a question of collecting yourself.
  • Music: It is scientifically proven that music is an effective remedy for stress. Calming sounds help to relax the body and the brain.
  • Friends: A quick chat with friends can do miracles for the soul. To laugh together, relax and simply forget all worries, makes life much more jovial.
  • An important point was just mentioned: Laugh! Through the laughter and joy, endorphins pour out, which make you feel much more positive and as a result everything does not seem so bad.
  • Green Tea or Matcha: Caffeine causes a temporary energy boost. When you drink coffee, your blood pressure is briefly raised and you experience a surge of energy, but after a short time you feel worse than before. Therefore, we would advise you to drink green tea or matcha. Matcha and green tea need a little longer to work, but they last much longer and are better for you.
  • Exercise: Exercise, even for 5 minutes, is a very good remedy for stress. Jogging and over exercise can help clear your mind. Even going once around the block helps you to collect your thoughts. Take your time for yourself! If you play sports often, you know that you really do feel a thousand times better after a run or a good workout. You don’t even have to go out, doing a few exercises at home still does the trick.
  • Organization: As you know, the Germans tend to be very structured and organized anyways, but we all know that things can get chaotic and last minute every once-and-awhile. As they say; “A little structure never hurt nobody”. We suggest that you make a to-do list for each day. It shouldn’t have too many points, remember to be realistic.

As you can see, it is not difficult to relieve your stress. No matter how you deal with your stress, it’s a good idea to regularly take a quick timeout.