Student Renaissance Program

Recently there has been a new cooperation in the Berlin media heaven. LOLA x Staytoo have jointly launched the Student Renaissance Initiative. LOLA is a well-known Berlin city magazine that is dedicated to capturing the spirit of this colourful, creative and often freaky city. Best of all, all Staytoo tenants and friends can now become a part of this platform to interact with others and their hometown. So if you’d like to share your story with others or just let your creativity and passion run free, apply now at:


A community is a place, where you share, explore and develop together. The “Student Renaissance” Initiative is StayToo´s first platform for students to share their stories with others, explore the secrets of Berlin, and develop their own perception of their colorful hometown. In cooperation with LOLA, students learn how to manifest their passion for Berlin into image and text, connect with people all over the city, and show others what ignites both your passion and curiosity.

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The Student Renaissance Initiative gives you the freedom to express your creativity on the topics you are interested in. It is your message…the story you want to tell both your community and the world. LOLA will help you make this vision come true.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be? If you could experience and write about one event – what would it be? Have you ever dreamed of taking photos of your favorite local artist for a well-known magazine? LOLA and the “Student Renaissance” Initiative can make all this and more possible.



Every message needs a herald and in order to give your stories a pedestal, LOLA will be publishing your content in both digital and print format.




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