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6 months SPIEGEL+ with 50% Staytoo discount

You are a resident in one of our Staytoo apartment buildings? Then take your chance and get a SPIEGEL+ subscription with Staytoo discount!

Our thank you to you

With over 1,000 students in 5 houses, Staytoo is one of the largest providers of student apartments. We would like to give all residents who live in our houses a little thank you in the form of a special offer at the end of the year.

Together with SPIEGEL, Europe’s leading news magazine, we are offering you an exclusive SPIEGEL student deal! You will receive SPIEGEL digital for 6 months with a 50% staytoo discount. This means in price: Instead of 11,99 Euro per month you can enjoy SPIEGEL digital in full for only 5,99 Euro per month.

Even after the 6 months you benefit from special conditions: Normally, SPIEGEL+ costs 19.99 euros per month after the trial period, but for you it remains 11.99 euros per month!

This is included in the offer

With over 200 million page views in 2022, Spiegel is one of the most relevant news portals. Daily news, magazines, history specials: SPIEGEL’s spectrum is wide-ranging, deeply researched and diverse.

These advantages await you with SPIEGEL+:

– Unlimited access to all online content from SPIEGEL+ (S+), SPIEGEL’s premium service.
– The digital, weekly edition of SPIEGEL including e-paper in PDF form
– Access to the digital archive of SPIEGEL issues
– Subscription to the SPIEGEL+ newsletter
– Access to the SPIEGEL-Daily podcast and SPIEGEL audio stories (SPIEGEL to listen to)

Curious now? Then visit now to secure your SPIEGEL offer with a 50% staytoo discount!

What do I have to do to take advantage of the offer?

In the past few weeks, we have twice hung a door tag on the doors of the Staytoo apartments (“Gift for the start of the semester”). On the back of these tags is a coupon code. Go to and enter the coupon code there. Let yourself be guided through the registration process and soon you will be able to use the complete SPIEGEL offer for 5.99 euros per month!

  • Note: Have you lost your door tag or not received one? In this case, please contact your local Residence Manager.

How long will the offer be available?

We launched the offer as a gift for the start of the semester. But now you have to be quick! The SPIEGEL Staytoo offer is only valid until December 31, 2022. So go to right now to secure the 50% discount and enjoy the successful digital SPIEGEL+ offer.