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9-Euro-Ticket: Everything you need to know

The German government has put together a relief package to counter rising energy and fuel costs. Part of this relief package is the 9-euro ticket for public transport throughout Germany. Find out all you need to know about this special ticket for trains, buses and the like!

#1 The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for one month at a time

The 9-Euro-Ticket can be purchased for the month of June, July or August. If you want to use it for the entire campaign period, you have to buy it again every month, as it is not automatically renewed. This brings the total price for each monthly ticket to 27 euros. Also important: The 9-Euro-Ticket is non-refundable.

  • Please note: The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for one month only, i.e. it is only valid for the month in which you buy it! If you buy it on June 29, for example, it will still only be valid until June 30. So buy it at the beginning of the month or in advance.

#2 Use the advance sale for a ticket

The presale for the 9-Euro-Ticket starts at the end of May online and at the ticket offices of the local public transport companies.

You can get the 9-Euro-Ticket at these transport companies probably since May 23:

  • bodo-Verkehrsverbund (already online available since May 21)
  • Kassel public transport company (KVG)
  • Cologne public transport company (KVB)
  • Leipzig transport company (LVB)
  • Munich public transport company (MVG)
  • Stuttgart public transport association (VVS)

Other transport companies such as BVG in Berlin are working on making the 9-Euro-Ticket available in advance before the start of the campaign period. Also check the Bahn website regularly to purchase a ticket. Our tip: Take this chance to buy this cheap ticket early.

#3 The 9-euro ticket is personal – and not always the best choice

Regional tickets for public transport are so popular because you can travel cheaply and take several people on the ticket. For example, the Sachsenticket (Saxony ticket) from Deutsche Bahn costs 25 euros, and each additional passenger costs an extra 8 euros. For this, the group can then travel through three German states for a day – and as often as they want.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the 9-euro ticket. It is only valid for one person and is not transferable. In some cases, it may even be mathematically wiser to buy a regional ticket instead of the 9-euro ticket for travel by train.

Here is an example: You are a group of 5 adults with 3 children aged 14 who want to travel by train from Leipzig main station to Thale in the Harz mountains for hiking. The trip with 9 euro tickets would cost the adults a total of 45 euros. In addition, there would be the cost for the offspring, which would amount to about 16.70 euros per child and ticket, according to the railroad website. In total, the travel group would then be at 95.10 euros.

With the Saxony ticket, children under 15 can travel free of charge. The total cost for the travel group here would be 57 euros.

What does this example mean?

Who travels rarely, but in the group with the ÖPNV, should examine also different offers such as group tickets and savings price tickets of the course. For one-time trips, these offers might turn out to be the better ones than a monthly ticket.

#4 The semester contribution is offset against the ticket

The semester fee for the summer semester has long since been transferred, and with it the use of public transport already paid for. For this reason, LMU Munich, for example, has considered shifting the benefit for the 9-Euro-Ticket to the next winter semester: Students are currently being asked not to transfer the fee for the winter semester yet. The 9-Euro-Ticket will be included in this upcoming contribution.

  • The most important thing is that the universities in Germany will charge the 9-Euro-Ticket in such a way that students benefit fairly from it. The exact procedure is still being worked out. Check the website of your university for the exact procedures.

#5 Avoid the peak season and rush hours

Railroads and regional transport operators expect heavy use of the 9-Euro ticket, especially on public holidays and weekends with good weather. So, if the sun and warm temperatures should tempt you outside on the Whitsun weekend, you can expect full trains.

Although the capacity of the trains is increased for the promotional period, this measure also has its limits. So avoid traveling by train during peak hours, or book trains that are off-peak. Maybe you can take a day off before the Whitsun weekend starts?

You should also be careful with popular train routes: In WirtschaftsWoche, Karl-Peter Naumann, honorary chairman of the passenger association Pro Bahn, warned of “chaotic and chilling conditions” – if there are no additional regional trains on the Berlin-Ostsee, Hamburg-Sylt and Munich-Alps routes.

Therefore, find out about vacation periods within the three months and try to avoid the high season with the 9-Euro-Ticket or use an alternative means of transport such as long-distance bus or carpooling.

#6 Only local transport can be used with the ticket, no long-distance transport

The 9-Euro-Ticket has one significant drawback: unfortunately, you can’t use the long-distance train service with it.

You can use these to travel:

  • Bus, subway, suburban train, streetcar
  • Regional trains incl. Regionalexpress

You cannot use these:

  • ICE
  • IC
  • EC
  • Long-distance buses

The 9-Euro-Ticket is therefore interesting for you if you use the 2nd class local public transport intensively. Additional reservations are not possible with the 9-Euro-Ticket.

  • Tip: You can also travel further distances with local transport, it just takes a little longer, but it can still be worthwhile – also scenically! One of the most beautiful routes is, for example, the Moselle route from Koblenz to Trier by regional train.

#7 Bicycle and pet transport costs extra

Unfortunately, the 9-Euro-Ticket does not cover the transport of a bicycle or a pet. Therefore, you should plan for an additional ticket if you are traveling with your dog and/or bike on the train.

  • Attention: The 9-Euro-Ticket is human-bound. So booking the 9-Euro-Ticket instead of a monthly bike ticket is not possible.

#8 You do not need to cancel existing subscriptions

Subscription customers of the railroad and transport companies should not make any short-circuit actions now and keep their subscription. The transport companies will offset the cost of the subscription against the discount for the 9-Euro-Ticket, so you don’t need to do anything else if you have a monthly pass or an annual subscription for local transport, for example. To be on the safe side, you should check the website of the transport association.

The 9-Euro-Ticket: A great chance to discover Germany

The introduction of the 9-Euro-Ticket is a milestone in modern transportation policy. It offers all citizens the chance to travel around the country by public transport at low cost and discover places where you would otherwise never have landed or rushed past on the ICE. We encourage you to take advantage of this ticket and travel. Perhaps you would like to visit us at one of our locations and make a free viewing appointment to see our apartments? We look forward to seeing you!