Being lazy isn’t so bad – #StayRelaxed

Laziness is the effort to achieve a lot with as little effort as possible.
This means that lazy people have perfected their working techniques and therefore have a perfect time management. Because only if you have planned your studies and work efficiently you can allow yourself to be lazy. Those who set priorities no longer waste time with unnecessary work, because 20 % of studying accounts for 80 % of knowledge. In contrast, the other 80 % of work account for only 20 % of knowledge.

We have put together a few valuable tips so that you can get through your studies more purposefully and have more time to chill.

Here are our top 5:

1. Planning is half of the battle

You don’t want to become one of the long-term students but want to finish your studies as soon as possible? Then you should make a master plan. Don’t just live from one day to the next, but think long-term about what you want to achieve and plan your way there down to the last detail. It doesn’t help if you are sure that you want to become an A-level student, but don’t have a strategy to achieve this. So make a precise plan (and stick to it)!

2. Do what you do best

Or in short: don’t overload yourself. Don’t try anything impossible, but do everything calmly and relaxed. If you overstrain yourself with studying and stress, it will lead to nothing. Much more important than studying for a long time: effective studying. And the breaks in between are also important, because after too many hours of studying your head will be blocked at some point.

3. Be productive – not busy!

You do a lot for your studies? The question you should always ask yourself is whether what you are doing at the moment is really important and whether it will bring you forward. It also helps you a lot more to study not too long but more effectively, instead of filling your whole day with pseudo-important tasks, because in the end you had no time for things that were really fun, but you didn’t make any progress either.

4. Learn from mistakes!

Even if it’s frustrating, review your last semester. What went well? What rather not? Mistakes are human and not bad at all. What’s bad, on the other hand, is to just accept mistakes like that. Instead analyse your mistakes carefully, question them and learn from them. Even if it’s not much fun to think about things that didn’t work very well: It’ll avoid the same stupid feeling for the next time.

5. #StayFriends and boost your individual performance

“I’ll start studying in half an hour,” the inner weakness tries to calm the guilty conscience. That won’t happen to you if you have a deadline to meet with somebody. Whether you sit down with your best friend, a study group or your fellow students, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can no longer postpone studying and you can motivate each other. And when you have studied effectively together you can reward yourself with a beer AFTERWARDS.

To sum up, this means:

If you study with a plan, you can allow yourself to be lazy. And honestly? Being lazy is much more fun if you don’t always have in the back of your head what you still have to do, but know that you have used the day productively and achieved what you planned to do.