Black Friday – an american tradition!

Black Friday – an american tradition!

Black Friday, which is a widely known holiday, is a part of the American Thanksgiving festivities as much as looking for chocolate eggs is a part of Easter. How did this tradition come into play though and how does it get millions of Americans to camp outside of malls every year?

The US-Americans use the Black Friday as a day off of work in order to have a long weekend and commence with their Christmas shopping. There are a few different theories as to why the day is called Black Friday. One of the most popular ones is, that the large group of people marching towards the malls look like a big black crowd. This theory is often being connected to the stock market crash in New York since a huge crowd of people stormed the banks that day in order to save their fortune. However, the stock market crash did not happen on a Friday in the U.S., but on a Thursday and only in Europe on Friday due to time difference.

Another theory is that on this day, which yields a lot of revenue, stores were finally able to make a profit and stop being in the red, therefore got to be in the black. Consequently, they figuratively had black hands from counting money.

The first time the phrase was actively used was in January 1966 in Philadelphia. Black Friday was the name, that the local police department in Philadelphia gave the day after Thanksgiving, since it signified the first day of Christmas shopping. Which in conclusion meant for the police men that the days of millions of people wanting to shop in the malls, traffic jams on the crowded streets and everything else, that just screams Christmas, had officially begun. So Black Friday was originally not a name used in a positive sense.

But what do I get out of Black Friday in Europe?

In America the discounts mainly take place in the stores themselves, but in Europe Black Friday deals are mostly available online. A lot of well-known brands such as Zara, Tommy Hilfiger etc. take part in this day and lower their prices drastically. However, not only clothing stores take part and offer got deals, but also airlines such as Ryanair offer cheaper flights. And stores for electronics and such things can also have a part in these shenanigans the party has extended to Cyber Monday, so keep your eyes open for good deals! We do warn you to be careful though! A lot of the times these discounts are just artificially blown out of proportion and the original prices the companies use are not based on the actual market value of the product. Therefore, often times the realistic discount of the product is not 50% or 60%, but 12% or 25%. Only those people that really compare prices end up saving money. On this note, keep your hands away from panic buys, most offers will return sooner or later!