#Social Distancing - participate and safe lives!

For us at Staytoo it is a major priority to ensure the safety and health of our tenants and employees. For exactly this reason we demand the cohesion and contribution of everyone living and working with us in order to fight #covid19.

Surely you have heard a lot about social distancing throughout the last few days and if you have already taken it to heart, thank you! However, it cannot hurt to be reminded of why it is literally vital to take a step back and minimize your social contacts.

But why is it especially important for the youth to keep the physical contact with other people at an absolute minimum?

That a vast majority of the population is eventually going to be infected is out of question. However, so we do not overrun our health care system and give our doctors a chance to take care of all patients in the best possible way, we should simultaneously do our best to break these chains of infection. A lot of times younger people are only a host for the virus and sometimes don’t even experience any symptoms. For that reason the far more fatal contacts are the secondary contacts. You meet up with a friend, who meets up with three more friends, one of them has asthma and therefore belongs to the risk group. If those chains proceed at a rapid speed, our hospitals will not be able to provide necessary medical care.

Consequently, it is now of the utmost importance to keep social distance and cut these chains as radically as possible! This is not supposed to fuel panic of any kind, but solidarity and responsible behavior towards your peers as well as protection for yourself.

You can find more specific information concerning this topic as well as daily updates on the website of the Tagesschau or Spiegel-online. NDR-Info also started a Podcast with a virologist where you will receive information regarding Corona on a daily basis.

To sum up, it is especially important at the moment to be responsible in light of your own actions. Throughout the next time it will become apparent how much each and everyone cares about the well-being of their peers, so show moral courage and do your part, so that as many people as possible will be able to survive this crisis in the best way possible.

There are 5 ways you can help:

  • Wash your hands as often and thoroughly as possible
  • Only leave your apartment, if you absolutely have to
  • Keep at least 1,5m, better 2m, distance to everyone
  • Make sure that a minimal amount of people are using the common areas
  • Forward this graphic to your friends and family

You are able to find further information regarding the topic of hand hygiene and cough- and sneeze etiquette at Staytoo Info.

Your Staytoo-Team