StayClean Advanced

StayClean + WeWash + Waschküche = Awesome

Everyone is familiar with it: You pack-up your laundry, make your way to the laundry room and on the way, hope that you’ll find a washing machine available. But when you arrive downstairs you probably find out that of course all washing machines are already in-use. One washing machine needs 20 more minutes…so you decide to go back to your apartment and wait. When you then return to the laundry room again after 20 minutes, the owner of that laundry is not there yet to empty the washing machine, so you’re force to take someone else laundry and sort it out on your own! By now your mood has probably reached its lowest point and next time you are going to do your laundry at 2am in the morning, to avoid any of this all over again.

To save time (and nerves) in the future, Staytoo Berlin now offer WeWash.

What’s that? A digital washing service – the solution for all problems you can only imagine with washing.

Use the WeWash app, website or over the phone to check if a machine is free. If so, you can easily reserve them. If not, join the virtual waiting list. As soon as a washing machine is available again you will be informed by a notification message.

Your washing machine can even call you. “She” does that when your laundry is done, or you get a short message on your mobile phone or laptop. This gives you the opportunity to take your laundry out of the machine yourself before someone else starts rummaging through your clothes. And don’t worry, even with all the extra service, you still only pay for the washing. And no need of coins or washing cards: you can pay for your wash quite easily by direct debit or by credit card.

The best part is the waiting time: while your laundry is in the machine, you can enjoy coffee specialties, salads, smoothies or healthy snacks in the Wash Lounge Café. There are also meeting rooms available to rent for creative workshops or private events.

So all tenants in Berlin can be a bit happier going forward: Your life will be a little bit more relaxed now!