#StayDiverse - 68 countries, 1 community

68 countries, 1 community. 

How is that possible? 

At Staytoo hundreds of people, that couldn’t me more different ethnically speaking, live together under the same roof. However, they all have being a part of the Staytoo community as a common denominator and live in constant contact with each other as a big family. Just like in every large family, the incredible diversity and the fact that everyone brings their own individual qualities to the table, makes sure that there is never a dull moment. Consequently, life in our student apartments is definitely never boring. We work together with our tenants to make sure of that. 

Especially in current times where globalization is a big issue, being international is more important thane ever. Listening to other people’s stories and talking exchanging experiences broadens your horizon and is one of Staytoo’s core values. You should not just live besides your neighbors, but soak up as much of your surroundings as possible, because it will definitely be of benefit to you in the future. In order to pass this thought and believe on to our tenants and to make family out of neighbors, we host fun events and supply our tenants with common areas, so they can get together.

68 countries, 1 community!