StayFluent 3 with Linguaskills - Listen and repeat…

“Do you speak English?” is the title of our current reports on language certificates, in which we have already introduced you to “TOEFL” and “IELTS“. This article now deals with another organisation, named Linguaskills.

Linguaskills is a pure online test program, designed to help organisations determine the language skills of a group of candidates quickly and independently by testing different language skills. It is equally suitable for determining the enrollment requirements, e.g. for certain study subjects, or for documenting the learning progress of language courses.

Due to the sole online testing, the results can be viewed very quickly. This can be as an advantageous factor for companies and universities, as the possibility to compose the various modules of listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking themselves.

Your advantage is, that you don’t have to go to specific centres or meet certain time slots to get tested. You can do it at any time, as long as you get in touch with a Linguaskills Agent. Please, check the following table for more information:


For more information about Linguaskills, please check the links below:

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