#StayFluent 4 with Cambridge - Listen and repeat…

The famous University of Cambridge probably comes to mind first when you hear the term “Cambridge”. Founded in 1209, it has produced more Nobel laureates than any other university in the world. Members of the university have already received 107 Nobel Prizes, around 70 of which were students themselves at Cambridge. The university has a federal character and consists of 31 colleges, including the famous King’s College with its Gothic chapel and the famous choir as well as Trinity College (32 Nobel laureates). Together with Oxford University, the London School of Economics, Imperial College London and University College London, Cambridge University forms the so-called Group of G-5 Universities in England.

The language certificates of the Cambridge University are intended for non-native speakers and are taken annually by some 3 million people from 130 countries. The respective Cambridge Certificate serves to certify qualified English language skills and is internationally recognized. The exams consist of a combination of reading and listening tasks and last between 60-85 minutes. Essentially, multiple-choice questions on texts and audio contributions must be answered or cloze texts completed etc.

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