What’s new in 2019?

Just like you make New Year’s resolutions in order to better yourself in the new year, there are also changes in laws, apps and so on and so forth. In this article we have collected a few of the most important and interesting changes for you.

  • Commercials on Whatsapp
    With the beginning of 2019 companies will have the opportunity to put commercials on the messenger app WhatsApp. The commercials will only be shown on the status page and not where your personal chats are located. However, supposedly firms will have the opportunity to choose an age group or a specific location as a target audience by getting rid of end to end encryption. This means, that the firms will have access to your chats and will play the right commercials for you based on certain tags.
  • Pension
    According to a draft of the Pension Insurance Report of the government, the pensions are supposed to increase by the 1st of July in Germany. In the west of Germany by 3,18% and in the east by 3,91%. This is supposed to lead to the pension being equal in East and West Germany.
  • Child support
    Also starting on the 1st of July, child support is going to be increased by 10 Euros per month per child. So, parents are going to receive 204€ for the first and second child instead of 194€, 210€ for the third child and 235€ for every child after that.
  • New bank notes
    On the 28th of May 2019 the ECB is going to give out new 100- and 200-Euro-notes. They have been completely renewed and are supposed to make counterfeiting money a lot harder.
  • Increase of minimum wage
    The legal minimum wage is going to be increased by 42 cents this year and by another 16 cents next year. Consequently, workers have the right to earn at least 9,16€ by 2020.
  • Less expensive call
    Aftser the EU got rid of roaming costs in June 2017, the costs for calls within the EU are also supposed to decrease gradually. The ultimate goal is that calls are supposed to cost no more than 19 cents per minute by May and text messages to foreign numbers no more than 6 cents.
  • Deposits on bottles are everywhere
    Up until now disposable packages, that contain fruit and vegetable nectar with carbon dioxide, did not need a deposit. Since this January though these as well as drinks that contain more than 50% whey share call for 25 cents of deposit. The same thing is supposed to happen to Vanilla milk and a few selected Energydrinks.

All in all, not so bad, right?

#StayPositive and bring it on 2019!