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Winter after Corona: great leisure tips

Corona is not over yet, but most of the restrictions have fallen. Time to savor a winter where we can meet and enjoy time together! To that end, we’ve collected great recreational tips for your first winter after Corona.

#1 Skiing & Snowboarding

These two classics are, of course, at the top of the list when it comes to winter recreational fun. With no lockdown or other restrictions, you can get back on the slopes and rock the mountain lodge at the après-ski party afterwards. In part, this was possible again in the spring of 2022, but thanks to the relaxed Corona situation, nearly all ski areas are once again accessible and usable without restrictions.

#2 Ice skating

Ice skating is one of the best activities during the cold season. Especially cool: Skating rinks can be found in every city, so you don’t have to go out of town for this winter fun, but can meet up with friends or your crush right after college. Don’t know how to skate? Then have them teach you, which is a great date idea by the way.

#3 Have snowball fights

In December 2022, we in Germany had a taste of what winter is capable of. Was that the last of the snow already? According to weather experts, definitely not! In January, there is supposed to be a proper onset of winter, which will make snowball fights fun. For this, it is best to meet in a park or a nearby forest. But don’t forget to pack warm gloves.

  • Tip: A snowball fight is most fun with cardboard snow that falls at temperatures around zero degrees. Powder snow falls at sub-zero temperatures and doesn’t shape as nicely as cardboard snow.

#4 Try indoor sports

It’s dark, cold and wet outside? No need to make excuses for sports. Indoor sports are the ideal way to outsmart your inner pig. Bouldering and swimming, for example, are popular. Indoor tennis is really practical: You can learn the sport indoors and then win the matches on the court in the summer.

#5 Throw a winter barbecue

Cozy barbecues aren’t just for summer. Pack a thermos of hot mulled wine, fill your backpack with delicious food and meet outside – let’s get grilling in the snow! The good old disposable grill works just as well for this as a tripod. A small fire bowl also looks great when you hold billets of dough or marshmallow sticks over it.

Just like in the summer, parks are great for throwing a winter barbecue party. However, make sure that grilling is generally allowed there and take a trash bag to dispose of the leftovers. After all, no one wants to see the trash when the snow and ice have melted, and a sustainable  approach is important for nature, too.

#6 Build an igloo

Building an igloo is a wonderful winter pastime. To make it a success, you and your friends need lots of snow. Use a shovel to collect the snow in cuboid boxes. Press the snow together in these boxes so that solid, stable snow cubes are formed. For this step, you can also buy so-called igloo makers to build straight blocks.

Now arrange the blocks in a circle. It is important that the blocks are as close together as possible and that you seal any holes or gaps with more snow.

Now repeat the first step by building new snow blocks for the second layer, which you put on top of the first layer. Again, close holes or joints tightly with snow so that the blocks can be built on top of each other.

Depending on the diameter and height of the igloo, this can create several rows of snow blocks.

Now comes the tricky part: building the dome. To build the dome, you must first line up more snow blocks at a slight angle and again close the gaps with snow. This creates a hole on top of the igloo, which you close with a specially shaped snow plug.

Finally, open the entrance to gain access to the igloo. To do this, use the shovel to hack the entrance to the igloo free, so to speak. The little snow hut is ready!

#7 Go hiking

Hiking through the winter landscape with thick boots is an unforgettable experience. The snowy nature offers moments of silence and magnificent sights. Hiking trails in the hilly country and in low mountain ranges are made for collecting lasting impressions.

Two things are especially important here: Warm clothing according to the onion principle and warm hiking boots. Also make sure you have warm socks, enough water and/or warming tea. What many forget in view of the cold temperatures: sun protection, e.g. as sun cream. You’ll need it when the sun is shining and the snow reflects the UV rays.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to bring hiking poles to help you get through the snow.

#8 Have a game night

Cozy up at home and play games together is what wintertime is perfect for. In addition to classics like Mensch ärgere Dich nicht or Mühle, there are a variety of great board games that are simply fun to play.

Of course, you can also play online, but after years of restrictions, it’s more fun to sit together at a table and play. You can find tips on both categories in one of our articles: Parlor games and online games.

#9 Ice bathing

For the hardy we recommend the frosty jump into the (ice-)cold water. It’s the most fun together with like-minded people, which has the nice side effect that you don’t take the risk of ice bathing alone. Because beware: ice bathing is very healthy, but should only be done by fit people. People with cardiovascular diseases or diseases in general should refrain from ice bathing or in any case consult their doctor beforehand.

Furthermore, it is important to warm up beforehand with moderate exercise, such as a light jogging session. Under no circumstances, however, should you go out of your way to ice bath with a feeling of heat! The cold shock could be too much for your body. It is also important to enter the ice-cold water slowly and only stay in it for a short time. A maximum of five minutes is reasonable; if you notice physical symptoms such as shivering or cramps, you must get out sooner.

If you follow these rules, ice bathing is one of the best winter activities.

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