As a student it definitely does not hurt to earn a bit of extra cash, even if it is only about gaining a little independence from your parents. The following question presents itself though: “ When looking for a part-time job, what do I have to be aware off?”

Really important is that you keep count of how much you earn, because if you don’t, you may have to pay a lot of taxes and will end up with less money than you would’ve earned initially. Furthermore your Bafög loan or child support money might be affected as well, if you earn more than you should, according to those organizations.

A few rules that you have to follow:

  • As a student you’re not allowed to work for more than 20 hours, because then it is not a part-time job anymore
  • Students that receive Bafög are not allowed to earn more than 400€ a month otherwise they are going to receive less money
  • You shouldn’t earn more than 8.354€ per year since you have to pay taxes otherwise

Unlike Bafög you are always able to receive your child support money until you are 25 years old. It does not matter how old you are, only that you are still in training. If you have to do an internship as part of your training, the money you receive is tax free. If you are interning voluntarily though, you do have to pay taxes and the amount depends in how much you receive at your internship. Having all those criteria in mind you are going to ask yourself:” What kind of job is best for me?”

The best kind of job would be a sort of mini-job, that doesn’t exceed 20 hours per week, so you do not earn more than 400 or 450 euros, depending on you receiving BaföG or not. Good examples would be working as a waitress, at a fair, as a babysitter, as a tutor, as a promoter and so on and so forth. All those little part-time jobs have their pros and cons and you should choose one taking your own talents into consideration. If you are good with children and have a lot of patience, maybe you should consider being a babysitter. If you are friendly, open minded and have an incredible talent for stacking dishes, maybe you should work as a waitress. You will always be able to find one or another opportunity to earn extra money, but as I said before, it is really important that you don’t lose track of what you earn, because you want to be able to keep all that pretty money without having to give anything away.

Links and tips for finding a job: