Daddy? Daddy! Cool. –
by Gerrit Köhler

All beginnings are difficult, so we are all the more pleased to present to you today the first contribution of our Student Renaissance Program. Gerrit was one of the first to not only be interested in our cooperation with LOLA, but also to secure one of the coveted places in the program. As a passionate photographer, he focused fully on his talents at LOLA Magazine and made many new impressions and experiences. As a reward, his photo series was published in the Magazine. This is not only a great appreciation of his work, but also a valuable experience for his future career. In our interview with him you will learn more about his experiences during his time at the LOLA editorial office.



Staytoo: Hey Gerrit! Tell us about you, your background, and why you moved to Berlin.

Gerrit: Hey! Well, I primarily moved to Berlin to study photography, after graduating from high school. I’ve always wanted to create, and after trying out a lot of different forms of art; photography was what I enjoyed the most, and decided to stick with.

Staytoo: Interesting, what does Berlin as a city represent to you?

Gerrit: My favorite thing about Berlin is its incredibly diverse art scene. Especially as a student at a university focusing on art and design, it’s really inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented people.

Staytoo: What were your thoughts when you first learned about LOLA mag and the Staytoo Student Renaissance (StuRen) program?

Gerrit: I thought it sounded very interesting, especially because I wanted to get into editorial photography for a while now. Yet, I didn’t expect to actually be chosen for the project when I applied!

Staytoo: As a student and newcomer to Berlin, were you nervous to work with Jonny (the LOLA editor-in-chief) and the LOLA team?

Gerrit: For sure! I’ve only been doing photography for about 2 years now, so starting a big project like this was a bit intimidating. But Jonny was super nice when I met him, which helped a lot.

Staytoo: Well Gerrit, your photos for the “DADDY? DADDY! Cool.” article turned out fantastically. What was your approach to the shoot?

Gerrit: The shoot was more challenging than I anticipated, especially the group pictures. I like to be quite precise during shoots so post production takes less time, and having everyone in the right position and looking perfect at the same time took a few tries. In the end I’m quite happy with the results though.

Staytoo: One of the main goals of the StuRen program is to help our students explore their city. What was your favorite discovery during your time in the StuRen program?

Gerrit: Definitely my trip to the Berlin Brandenburg Airport. It’s been under construction for nearly 12 years now and it still won’t be finished for a few more years. Seeing how rundown it looked without ever being open was pretty surreal.

Staytoo: So cool, thank you for your time and where can people follow you and your work online Gerrit?

Gerrit: You can find me on Instagram, @wealdwraith; and on my website –

Please, find the full article on the LOLA Magazine’s website: