Studying in a foreign country can be extremely exciting, because you get to know something completely new and they sometimes give you the opportunity to study a course, such as medicine for example, that you cannot study in Germany, because your grades are not good enough. For medicine a very much liked city is Budapest, but Estonia also has good courses to offer. But how does the whole studying abroad thing even work and how do you have to apply? A program, which makes studying abroad rather simple, is the so-called Erasmus program. Erasmus is an EU-wide organization, that funds scholarships for European students, who want to study abroad. This is especially a good option, because Erasmus itself is very structured and you do not have to organize a lot . Additionally you save a lot of money, because no matter where you study, you do not have to pay for your tuition and you get monthly pocket money between 50€ and 300€. In order to apply for Erasmus you have to meet the following criteria:
  • You have to be enrolled in a university
  • You have to be an EU citizen
  • You need to be able to speak the language well enough to be able to follow the lectures
  You need to provide the following documents:
  • Motivational essay
  • Report card
  • CV
  • Language certificate
Erasmus aside, how do I apply to other universities outside of Germany?   For the universities inside the United Kingdom there is an overall platform called UCAS. UCAS accompanies the whole application process and helps you get an overview of the necessary requirements of the different universities. You are able to apply to a maximum of five universities, but there are special rules for Oxford and Cambridge and special courses of studies, such as dentistry.    In Holland the application process is organized by Studielink. For some universities you have to apply directly through their website, but if that is the case Studielink will tell you so. You do not need to be able to speak Dutch for the application, you can just apply in English or German.

In order to apply to a German university in Hungary you have to apply through an Online-Form. For this you need a CV, a motivational essay, your report card, if you want to study medicine you need a medical report and possibly information about internships. Plus you need to pay a fee of 200€ in order to apply.

In Switzerland the application process varies from university to university, but for every uni you have to fill out an online form and provide your passport picture. Germany and Switzerland have a bilateral agreement, which means that both high school diplomas are equal and Germans therefore don’t necessarily have to take an ability test.

Beforehand one has to request the application form from the university or college. As an international applicant you also have to take the SATs, just as the national applicants. In addition to this applicants from outside the US have to take an English test such as the TOEFL or the Cambridge test. Furthermore, American colleges expect an application essay, but you will find more information about that on their websites. Of course they also expect you to send in other formalities such as a recommendation and your last report card.   In France you apply directly to the Uni not via a platform. At first you have to fill out an Online-Form, which you can either request from the University or find on the School’s website. In France they generally don’t require certain grades for you to get accepted, but after two years you have to take exams and only if you pass all of them, you are allowed to continue studying. Together with the filled out form you have to send in your report card and possibly a certificate showing your French skills. You should however check the requirements for each Uni as they may differ.   As a EU citizen you have to apply via a platform called UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educatiòn a distancia).