The face of higher education and student housing in Europe continues to evolve dramatically. Following the global trend, it is quite obvious, that higher education represents possibly the largest and most important investment in a young person’s life. The increasing number of national and international students and contemporaneous higher mobility among young people on the one side and a general housing shortage and increasing rents in all larger metropolitan areas and educational hubs in Germany on the other side make finding an appropriate accommodation even more difficult task than finding the right university.

Education is the key to maintaining the standard of living in our technology and knowledge-based society. It is our vision to enhance higher education by providing accommodation that is affordable but still appealing for students, young professionals and commuters.


Lately, purpose-built student accommodations have been in the focus of the general public in Europe. Staytoo is part of an international community which is dedicated to achieving higher standards on all levels. Bringing together international partners and experience to create more efficient buildings, to raise the standard of home furnishing and community areas enabling interactions and thus to provide inspiration is our vision of modern micro living for students, young professionals and commuters.

Staytoo considers it its mission to inspire and connect professionals in higher education, student housing, technology and government to enhance our unique higher education and quality of life.

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