StayThankful – A trilogy of turkey, stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes…

Ever year Americans celebrate a National Holiday called Thanksgiving. This feast is celebrated annually on the 4th Thursday of November. The story behind this holiday, that is very dear to every Americans heart, takes us back to the 17th century. There are various theories regarding the reason behind the celebration, but the most common one tells the tale of the pilgrim fathers, that landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and took part in a three day feast with the Native Americans in order to celebrate the extraordinarily good crop, which they had had that year. In this sense, Thanksgiving is comparable to our Erntedankfest.

In the pictures below we share our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you, so if you’ve always wanted to cook a real Thanksgiving feast, you will now have access to amazing recipes.

For the main course we recommend:

As a side dish we recommend a sausage cornbread stuffing…

… and meshed sweet potatoes:

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Enjoy the food and companionship with friends & family and last but not least #StayThankful, #StayTasty!