8 effective learning methods presented

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Creative gift ideas for Christmas

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10 tips for more satisfaction in everyday life

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Tips for going out in Leipzig

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The best autumn recipes

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Earn money as a student: 10 creative ways

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energiesparen tipps

10 tips for saving energy at home

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Living sustainably as a student: 8 tips for everyday life

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These tools & services are free for students

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Summer drinks: Five refreshing trend recipes

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Can non-students live in student apartments?

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The most beautiful routes by train

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Cheap travel as a student: 11 great tips

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Tax return as a student: This is how it pays off!

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Study stress: 10 relaxation exercises

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Exam anxiety: How to get it under control

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Which study program suits me? Study choice tips

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The most beautiful destinations in Leipzig

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Studentenunterkunft in Kaiserslautern finden

Find student accommodation in Kaiserslautern

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Wohnung für Studenten

Apartment for students: Tips for the search

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Studentenwohnheim Kaiserslautern Pros und Contras

Living in an accomodation in Kaiserslautern: advantages and disadvantages

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Insurance for students: You need these policies

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5 healthy recipes for students

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Meeting friends: Ideas for the pre-Christmas season

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Studieren in der Pandemie

Studying during the pandemic: 5 tips

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Was kostet das Studentenleben

What does student life cost?

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freunde in neuer stadt finden

10 tips for finding friends in a new city

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Impfen als Student

Student vaccinations: when and where?

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Staytoo Impressions Video

StayWithUs Impressions Video

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#StayDiverse – 68 countries, 1 community

Just like in every large family, the incredible diversity and the fact that everyone brings their own individual qualities to the table, makes sure that there is never a dull moment. Read more

Was folgt nach dem Abitur?

#StayEducated – Apprenticeship, dual course of study or classical approach?

This years graduates also have to think about what comes next for them, even though it might seem especially daunting at the moment. Here you will find three different possibilities. Read more

#Social Distancing – participate and safe lives!

Is there anything more important than your safty and health? Not at all! Thus we demand the cohesion and contribution of everyone in order to fight #covid19. Social Distancing is a major contribution it. Find out why here. Read more

#StayThankful – A triology of turkey, stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes…

Every year Americans celebrate a National Holiday called Thanksgiving. Read more for the story behind this holiday and amazing recipes... Read more


#StayTasty – What would Halloween be without pumpkin?

Autumn is just the right season to bake a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. We like the following recipe a lot. It's a bit more complicated, but it is worth the effort. Want to give it a try... Read more

#StayCasting – Flatmate casting or how to find the perfect match?

The new semester is about to start and rooms need to be filled, but how to find the perfect flatmate? Here you can find our tips and tricks! Read more


#StayInBudget – Scholarships while studying

At the end of the month money is always a little tight and you pray not to slip into the… Read more


#StayPositive – What’s new in 2019?

Just like you make New Year’s resolutions in order to better yourself in the new year, there are also changes… Read more


#StayTraditional – The world’s most interesting New Year’s Tradtitions

The most beautiful New Year’s traditions of the world In Germany we usually ring in the new year surrounded by… Read more


#StayFluent 4 with Cambridge – Listen and repeat…

The famous University of Cambridge probably comes to mind first when you hear the term “Cambridge”. Founded in 1209, it… Read more



Ever year Americans celebrate a National Holiday called Thanksgiving. This feast is celebrated annually on the 4th Thursday of November.… Read more


Black Friday – an american tradition!

Black Friday, which is a widely known holiday, is a part of the American Thanksgiving festivities as much as looking… Read more


StayFluent 3 with Linguaskills – Listen and repeat…

“Do you speak English?” is the title of our current reports on language certificates, in which we have already introduced you… Read more


#StayFluent 2 with IELTS – Listen and repeat…

The IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, is one of the best-known tests for universities and… Read more


#StayFluent with TOEFL – Listen and repeat…

English language certificates get more and more important, not only for those who want to study abroad. Meanwhile more and… Read more


#StayScared – Halloween Fun Facts

The term Halloween originates from the term All Hollows‘ Eve and describes the rural customs on the evening and the… Read more


Vodka-Lime-Mint-Cocktail #StayTasty

Here is another classic cocktail recipe for you. You should definatly give it a try, if you are into vodka,… Read more


StayClean Advanced

StayClean + WeWash + Waschküche = Awesome Everyone is familiar with it: You pack-up your laundry, make your way to… Read more


#StayRelaxed – Being lazy isn’t so bad

Laziness is the effort to achieve a lot with as little effort as possible. This means that lazy people have… Read more