Booking and Payment

How do I complete the lease agreement?

Very simple!

We need you to hand in several documents, including a rental agreement, enrollment certificate, rent deposit guarantee, blame accession declaration of a guarantor and a SEPA direct debit mandate to collect the monthly rent from our account.

Futhermore, we will charge a one-time fee of EUR 400 at your entry to provide you with all extra services at a high level on a continuous and regular basis.

Don’t worry, we have prepared all necessary forms for you! So we can discuss the last details, please call us via the telephone hotline (+49) 40/380224555.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

How do I book a room?

You can easily book on our website, where it is also possible to look at prices and apartment categories.

What apartment categories are there?

Depending on the location you are interested in, there are various apartment categories. Some vary only slightly by size, some are much larger and are suitable for 2 people.

What happens after I finished the booking process?

You will receive the contract from us, as well as more specific information. After that, you have to send the signed contract back to us, including all further documents we might need (e.g. copy of your personal ID, enrollment certificate, etc.).

What is included in my rent?

Benefit from our all inclusive package, as the rent not only includes the apartment and furniture, but utility costs, such as electricity, water, heating and internet. Therefore you don´t need to mess around with uncounted bills.


Do I have to pay a security deposit and if yes, how much is it?
Yes, we do need for you to pay a security deposit. The amount of the security deposit is the net cold rent times three.

Room Facilities

What do I have to bring myself?

The only things you have to bring to complete the setup are bedding and towels, dishes, cutlery and pots and pans. Everything else is provided. You can also opt for one of our starter packs.

What furniture etc. is included in the apartments set-up?

Our self-contained apartments have everything you need for independent living. Please, have a look:

How well equipped is the kitchen?

The kitchen has everything you need for you to discover your chef-abilities: cooker, sink and a microwave with a grill setting. You can look at the kitchen more precisely here:

Common Areas

Are there common rooms at Staytoo?

For sure.  Common rooms are a part of our concept. There are areas for learning, washing, to have fun and just for chilling.

Are there bike storage facilities on site?

Take your bycicle with you –

At Staytoo we will not only accommodate you, but also your bike.


Can I bring my car?

You are welcome to bring your car. We offer extra parking lots to rent.

Do you have a gym?

At Staytoo we offer fitness facilities so you can work out at home at any time – without extra cost.


Is there a laundryroom and is it available 24 hours a day?

No need to take your laundry home to mum – just do your laundry in our common laundry rooms and StayClean.

How is the security in the buildings guaranteed?

Staying safe & sound at Staytoo: All Staytoo units come with modern locking systems and CCTV surveillance of the public areas. Of course we follow the fire protection rules etc.

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