Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much is the deposit and when do I have to pay it?
    The deposit amounts to three times your net cold rent and has to be paid before the move-in date. How much your net cold rent is, depends on which apartment category you choose.
  • What means assumption of debt?
    It means that someone besides you guarantees the payment of your rent and is held accountable.
  • Who can be my guarantor?
    The guarantor must be an EU citizen and his / her income must be sufficient for you and him / her.
  • Is there an alternative to assumption of debt?
    The only alternative is to pay the entire rent of your stay beforehand.
  • Am I allowed to sublet my apartment?
    In case you would like to sublet your apartment, it has to be signed off by your landlord.
  • How much time do I have to withdraw my contract?
    You have two weeks after the contract has been signed by the landlord.

Rental deposit

  • Am I also allowed to hand in my deposit / rent on location in cash?
    No, we don’t accept cash.
  • When do I receive my deposit after the end of my stay?
    We try to give you your deposit back as quickly as possible. However, this can take up to six months.
  • What is the purpose of a deposit?
    For us, the deposit means safety in case you don’t pay your rent or hand the apartment over to us with substantial flaws.
  • When do I need to pay the deposit?
    You need to pay the deposit before moving in. Moving in before the deposit has been paid is not possible.

Apartment building

  • What is a pre-move-out check?
    Two weeks before you move out our on-site scout is going to have a look at your apartment with you. This is a tool to give you the opportunity to get rid of any deficits in your apartment, so you can get back your deposit.
  • Can I have a look at the apartments before moving in?
    You can arrange a visit at View Staytoo Page. Or you prefer to take a virtual tour? Just check the respective location pages for a free tour.
  • Something is broken in my apartment. What do I do?
    Our properties are managed by a local scout. The scout is available on-site on a daily basis (Monday to Friday). Additionally, there is a hotline available for technical emergencies. You will find the number in the Stay Welcome brochure and on the bulletin board in front of the scout office.
  • Moving out of a renovated apartment?
    If the tenant has taken over the renovated apartment, he / she is obliged to repair the damage caused by the use of the apartment during the rental period and to hand it over in the renovated condition when moving out. This includes that all walls must be handed over in the gray-white shade RAL 9002. Repairs or full-surface painting work must be carried out in this specified RAL tone. If these have not been carried out properly, we are entitled to carry out the painting work ourselves and to charge for it.
  • How does the Washing Lounge work? With coins or a card?
    In Kaiserslautern, the washing machines can be paid with a German debit card that also works as a “Geldkarte”. The card needs to be charged with money at your bank and can then be inserted into the machine. Foreign students will be provided with a washing card, that can be charged in the scout office. In the other locations, any money cards, credit cards and online payment providers like Apple Pay can be used.
  • Is there a Washing Lounge to clean my clothes?
    You do not need to do your laundry at your parents’ house or in a salon. StayClean and use our modern washing machines and dryers (cost extra). In Berlin, the washing salon is provided by an external operator.
  • Is there sun protection / a dimmer in front of the windows?
    There are curtains in front of the windows in order to dim the light and Nuremberg has extra curtains to keep out the sun.
  • How large is the kitchen area?
    Our kitchens are supplied with one kitchen island and two ceramic cooktops. Furthermore, the cupboards provide you with enough storage room. A fridge and a microwave are also included.
  • What material is the flooring made of?
    The flooring in our apartments is made of vinyl.
  • Where can I put my bike?
    Each of our apartment buildings is provided with enough parking spaces for bikes. Some location also have a roof like: Bonn, Leipzig, Kaiserslautern.
  • What are the measurements of the furniture?
    Closet: 225cm x 93 cm x 56cm
    Desk: 140cm x 60cm x 73cm
    Bedsofa: 200cm x 90cm
  • What are the apartments supplied with?
    For all the information regarding our apartments, have a look at Staytoo Apartments.
  • What about security?
    All our apartment buildings are provided with a state of the art locking system and surveillance cameras.
  • Can the apartments be shared?
    No, our apartments aren’t fit for shared living. Our Single Apartments only provide enough space for one person and our double apartments are made for couples or two individuals.
  • Are the windows tiltable, lockable or can they be opened entirely?
    The windows in our apartments can be opened entirely. However, they cannot be tilted or locked.
  • Do the apartments come with balconies or a terrace?
    Some of our apartments are provided with a balcony or a terrace. You can find further information in our brochures.
  • Is it allowed to have a pet?
    No, pets are not allowed.
  • Is it allowed to bring my own furniture?
    Yes, you may bring your own furniture. By the time you move out though, it has to be removed and the apartment should look the way it did when you moved in.
  • Are there apartments fit for disabled people?
    This depends on the location. Please contact our booking hotline for further information by either calling +49 (0)341 393 784 184 or through email.
  • How far away is the apartment building from my university?
    This of course depends on the location. For further information, you are welcome to have a look at our brochures. One of our priorities is to be as close to the universities as possible and have good access to public transportation.
  • What are the differences between the apartment categories?
    Our categories are determined by the size of the apartment, the location within the building and whether it has a balcony or terrace.
  • Can two people move into one apartment and are there bigger ones?
    In Bonn and Kaiserslautern, we also have double apartments. These can be rented out to couples or two individuals.
  • Is there a storage unit for things that don’t fit into the apartment?
    Unfortunately, no. We only have storage spaces in Nuremberg, which have the measurements: 45cm x 35cm x 50cm.
  • Is it possible to switch apartments?
    Yes, if you have made the necessary arrangements with the Staytoo-Team and there are other apartments available.
  • Is it also possible to move in on weekends or holidays?
    No, it is only possible to move in from Monday to Friday on non-holidays.

Parking spaces

  • Are parking spaces included in the rent or can I rent one?
    Parking spaces can be rented for an additional fee in Kaiserslautern, Bonn and Nuremberg.
  • How much is it to rent a parking space?
    In Kaiserslautern it is an additional 40 € a month and in Nuremberg as well as Bonn 50 € a month.

General information

  • What is included in the all-in rent?
    All running costs (heating, water, electricity), Wi-Fi, use of the common areas and the gym room as well as the general rent.
  • Does the service fee depend on the contract’s duration.
    No, it’s a general fee for all tenants.
  • When is the service fee to be paid?
    Before moving in along with the rental deposit and the first rent.
  • What is the service fee for?
    It’s a one-off fee for providing staff on-site and the security of the object as well as the cleaning of the common areas.
  • I am not a student, am I still allowed to rent an apartment with Staytoo?
    In Berlin, we only rent out to students. In Nuremberg, Bonn and Leipzig we rent out to students, apprentices and generally people that are still receiving further education. In Kaiserslautern, we also rent out to self-employed / employed people.
  • Is the broadcasting fee included in the rent?
    No, you have to sign up your apartment and pay the fee yourself.