Do I need to rent for 12 months or is a shorter period possible?

Yes, you do, except for the newly opened locations Leipzig, Kaiserslautern and Berlin. During the first year you can rent for 6 months as well at these locations.

How much is the rental deposit and when is it to be paid?

It is three monthly rents excluding running costs and is to be paid before moving in. The monthly rent of course depends on the apartments category.

What is a blame accession declaration?

An obligation of a guarantor in case of unfulfilled claims of the landlord towards the tenant.

Who is able to be my guarantor?

The guarantor has to be an EU-citizen and his/her income is sufficient for both of you.

What is the alternative if I don’t have a guarantor?

The only alternative is to pay all rents upfront.

Can I sublet the apartment?

No, you cannot sublet your apartment.

For how long can I revoke the contract?

Two weeks after signing the contract.

How long is the period of notice to cancel the contract?

Until three months before the rental period’s end.

What happens if I don’t cancel the contract in time?

The contract will be automatically extended by another six months.

Rental deposit

Can I pay the rental deposit/rent in cash?

No, we don’t accept cash.

When will I receive the rental deposit back?

We are trying pay your rental deposit back as soon as possible after the rental period’s end. This can take up to six months.

What is the purpose of the rental deposit?

The rental deposit is a security for us in case you don’t pay your rent or hand over you apartment with flaws.

When must the rental deposit be paid?

The rental deposit must be paid before moving in. Moving in is only possible if the rental deposit has been paid.


What is a pre-inspection?

Two weeks prior to moving out there will be an inspection of the apartment with the tenant and the object manager. This inspection is for the landlord’s preparation to engage someone for the removal of possible flaws.

Can I take a look into an apartment before moving in?

You can visit an apartment usually from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 o’clock. To make an appointment please call our booking hotline at (+49) 40 / 380224555.

There is a defect in my apartment. What do I do?

There is an object manager on-site from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 18:00 o’clock. There also is a hotline for technical emergencies. You will find the telephone number listed in the StayWelcome brochure or in front of the object manager’s office.

How does the washing lounge work? Can I pay with cash or card?

The washing machines can be paid with a German debit card which has to be charged upfront as “Geldkarte” at you bank. Foreign students will receive a washing card that can be charged in the object manager’s office.

Is there any sun protection or black-out in front of the windows?

There are curtains in the apartments but only in Nuremberg are blinds for sun protection.

How big is the kitchenette? (How many hotplates, size of the cupboard)

The kitchenette is equipped with a ceramic hob with two hotplates. Moreover do the kitchen cupboards offer sufficient space to store stuff. There also is a refrigerator and a microwave.

What kind of floor covering is in the apartments? (In case of an allergy)

There is vinyl flooring in the apartments.

Can I store my bike safely? (Roofed/Locked)

In all of our objects there are sufficiently many bicycle sheds but it depends on the location if they are roofed or not. (Roofed: Bonn, Leipzig, Berlin, Kaiserslautern, not roofed: Nuremberg)

What measurements do the single furniture elements have? (Closet, desk, bed)

Closet: 225cm x 93cm x 56cm

Desk: 140cm x 60cm x 73cm

Sofa bed: 200cm x 90cm

With what are the apartments furnished?

Find all information regarding our apartments at:

What’s about the security in the buildings?

All of our buildings are equipped with security systems and CCTV.

Can the apartments be shared?

No, the apartments cannot be shared. Our single apartments are only for one person while our double studios can be occupied by couples or two individuals.

Can the windows be opened fully and are they tiltable or lockable?

The windows of our apartments can be opened fully but are not tiltable or lockable.

Do the apartments have balconies, or terraces on the ground floor?

There are apartments with a balcony or a terrace at some locations. Find detailed information in our brochures or by calling our booking hotline.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed.

Are the apartments suitable for handicapped people and reachable by wheelchair?

That depends on the location. Please call our booking hotline to find out.

What is he distance from Staytoo to my university?

This, of course, depends on the location. Please check the brochure for your desired location.

What are the (quality) differences between the various apartment categories?

Our categories are based on the apartment’s size, its location within the building, and whether the apartment has a balcony or a terrace.

Can I move in with a second person and are there also bigger apartments?

There are double studios in Bonn, Leipzig and Kaiserslautern, that can be occupied by couples.

Is there a storage room for stuff that doesn’t fit in the apartment?

No, there only are storage lockers in Nuremberg. These are 45cm x 35cm x 50cm big in size.

Can I move in on weekend or holidays?

No, you can only move in on non-holidays from Monday to Friday.

Can I change my apartment?

Yes, but only in agreement with the Staytoo team and depending on availability you can change your apartment.

Parking slots

Does a parking spot belong to my apartment or can I rent one additionally?

There are parking spots in Kaiserslautern, Bonn and Nuremberg that can be rented.

What is the rent for a parking spot?

It’s 40€ monthly in Kaiserslautern and 50€ per month in Bonn and Nuremberg.


What is included in the all-in rent?

All running costs (Heating, water, electricity), Wi-Fi, use of the common areas and the gym room as well as the general rent.

Does the service fee depend on the contract’s duration.

No, it’s a general fee for all tenants.

When is the service fee to be paid?

Before moving in along with the rental deposit and the first rent.

What is the service fee for?

It’s a one-off fee for providing staff on-site and the security of the object as well as the cleaning of the common areas.

I am not a student; can I nevertheless rent an apartment at Staytoo?

Non-students can only rent apartments in Kaiserslautern.

Is the broadcasting fee included in the rent?

No, you have to sign up your apartment and pay the fee yourself.

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