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• The TU Kaiserslautern is highly esteemed internationally
• The 1. FCK is a football club with a rich tradition
• You can enjoy the silence in the Japanese Garden and meditate
•Paris is only 2.5 hours away and many other well-known and interesting cities are also nearby and easy to reach
• Live in the Tuscany of Germany and enjoy good food and the world-famous wine from the Palatinate wine-growing regions.

Welcome to the imperial city

Kaiserslautern, the city of Barbarossa, in which the German kings and emperors were crowned, is located on the edge of the Palatinate Forest (UNESCO biosphere reserve) and close to the borders of the neighbouring France and Luxembourg. The city isn’t just a stronghold of football, but also the second largest city in the Palatinate with an exciting cultural and bar scene. At the same time the scientific hub of Kaiserslautern is one of the biggest IT centres in Europe and is thus often called Silicon Woods.

The neighbourhood

Your Staytoo apartments are located at Trippstadter Straße 117. In the heart of the PRE Uni-park short commutes are guaranteed: Studying, Researching, Working, Living, Shopping and different recreational facilities – everything is just a few minutes away. Enjoy the individual living comfort of your own apartment and the social connection in the so-called Silicon Woods.

The Silicon Woods

Whether you’re just beginning your studies or are just about to put the finishing touches on your Master thesis, Kaiserslaut­ern offers the best possibilities to reach your goals, especially in the fields of technology or research. No matter what stage of your early professional life you are in, here you will find the right fit. That’s why Staytoo Kaiserslautern is not only de­signed for university students, but also for young profession­als gaining a foothold in work­ing life.

And, if it’s not Kaiserslautern, then where else?

Your common areas

You don’t have time to visit the property on site? No problem, we have the perfect solution for you, because you can simply have a look at our premises online.

Experience a virtual tour of the common areas and the apartments in your Staytoo dormitory now. We have convinced you? Then send us a request now.

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Are you interested in Staytoo Apartments?


Are you interested in Staytoo Apartments?


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