In this article we explain how you can find the right student accommodation in Kaiserslautern. We present the individual types of housing and give tips.

WG room (shared apartment)

The WG room is very popular with many students in Kaiserslautern, but you also have to deal with the disadvantages of this form of housing.

Advantages of a WG room

WG rooms are cheap compared to renting an apartment. In addition, you will quickly find a connection in Kaiserslautern through your roommates, provided that you get along well. Common cooking and game evenings do not let feelings of loneliness arise in the first place.

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In most cases, the shared apartment is already furnished, which eliminates expensive acquisition costs. On the shared balcony you can enjoy balmy summer evenings, which is also part of many WGs.

Disadvantages of a WG room

There are many rules, such as a common cleaning schedule, so that living together is successful. Different perceptions of cleanliness are a point of conflict, socks lying around or hair in the shower drain quickly become a topic of dispute. Furthermore, you have little peace and quiet in the shared flat. This can be quite annoying when you are writing a paper or studying for exams.

Also, important living areas are often blocked: The bathroom is often occupied, there’s already another party in the kitchen and the clothes horse is hung full.

Your own apartment

Some students want 100% independence from the start of their studies. That’s why they decide to get their own apartment in Kaiserslautern, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of having your own apartment

In your own apartment you decide without restrictions. No agreements with roommates, no shared refrigerators, everything runs the way you want it to. You are only obligated to your landlord to handle the apartment responsibly.

You will enjoy a lot of peace and quiet to recover from your daily study routine and to concentrate on your studies. Furthermore, you have full cost control, decide on the relevant contracts, keep track of utility costs, etc. Also, amenities such as your own bathroom and a balcony are attractive for you alone.

Disadvantages of having your own apartment

Maintaining an apartment on your own is expensive in Kaiserslautern. Where WG partners share costs like rent, you have to bear them alone. In the phase of studying, where money is usually tight anyway, this can mean additional pressure.

You don’t have a social life within your four walls, unless your partner or friends come to visit you. However, this way you don’t make any new contacts, which makes it harder to connect. In addition, you have to take care of every aspect of life on your own. If you don’t clean, the dirt accumulates, if you don’t shop, the fridge stays empty.

Student dormitory

Students can apply for a dormitory place at the Studierendenwerk. If they are lucky, they will receive student housing in Kaiserslautern, for which many things are regulated. The pros and cons at a glance:

Advantages of the student dormitory

One advantage is the low price for rooms: the cost of a dormitory place is significantly lower than that of comparable student accommodation in Kaiserslautern, at least as far as the housing market is concerned. Everything is included in the price: Internet, electricity, water. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to fear additional payments due to increased consumption. In addition, the rooms are furnished and the dorms are in a good location, close to downtown Kaiserslautern and the university.

Disadvantages of student dormitories

Rooms in student dormitories are small, usually you have a maximum of 18 square meters for living, studying and sleeping. And as far as the furniture is concerned, you should expect an absolute basic equipment, which can seem dreary.

Furthermore, the room in the dormitory is a student accommodation in Kaiserslautern with certain conditions: Long waiting periods for a place can be just as annoying as the limitation of your living time to your ongoing studies. Also, common areas are often worn out, for example kitchenettes and the bathroom.

Student Apartment

Student apartments are becoming increasingly popular in Kaiserslautern. This is because they combine the advantages of shared apartments, apartments and classic dormitories, while having relatively few of the disadvantages of the other types of housing.

Advantages of a student apartment

Comfortable and inexpensive is the all-in-one flat rate: with it, you pay not only for your student accommodation in Kaiserslautern, but also for the use of the gym and other common areas. Of course, the price also includes unlimited use of super-fast internet, as well as electricity and all other utilities.

With an apartment like the one at Staytoo, you’ll find the ideal mix of privacy and community. The room with its own bathroom serves as a retreat and whenever you feel like it, you can meet new people in the common rooms. Moreover, the accommodation is fully furnished and equipped with a kitchen.

Disadvantages of a student apartment

A student apartment is a very popular student accommodation in Kaiserslautern. Accordingly, we recommend that you quickly look for a room if you want to live with us. It is also important to know that student apartments are ideal for the time when you are a studentHowever, they are less suitable for later phases of life.

10 Tips for Finding Student Housing in Kaiserslautern

  • Create clarity: How do you want to live? Are you more the social type who needs company around the clock? Then a room in a shared apartment is right for you. Do you need some time to yourself without feeling isolated? Then living in an apartment building is more suitable.
  • Don’t dawdle: Start looking for student housing in Kaiserslautern early. The sooner you start, the more relaxed you can check offers for rent, proximity to the city center, etc.
  • Use online information material. Providers such as Staytoo offer information brochures in their download area, so that you can gain insight into the properties and their advantages.
  • Check out the bundled offers on site. Plan a day or weekend trip to the city to look at several offers for accommodation and get a feeling for whether the shared apartment, apartment or apartment building suits you. At Staytoo, you have the opportunity to visit the Staytoo student housing directly on site with the support of our property manager.
  • Think long-term: Many students quickly look for a shared room or an apartment, true to the motto: “The main thing is that I have student accommodation in Kaiserslautern at the beginning of the semester.” That may work in the short term, but what if you don’t feel comfortable in your new home and are tied into the tenancy for several months or years? From the beginning, find a place to live that will be a comfortable retreat, place to relax, and place to study throughout your studies.
  • Plan your new life in Kaiserslautern: This does not only include looking for student accommodation in Kaiserslautern. Find out about university events, sports activities and other events early on. Also read our 10 tips for making friends in a new city and how you can meet friends even in Corona times.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings: The ideal student accommodation in Kaiserslautern, like the Staytoo Apartmenthaus, is located close to the city center, the university path is short and recreational areas such as the city park or the Volkspark are easily accessible. The main train station should also be within walking distance to keep you mobile.
  • Ask friends and other students: Can they share a housing experience with you or recommend a provider? Inform yourself in this regard in your environment.
  • Read reviews on the web. In rating portals and on social media you can read reviews of the accommodation and landlords and get a first impression. What did the residents like, where is there criticism? Is the rent reasonable? How far is the city center? Based on this info, you can better assess what suits you.
  • Be careful with private apartment ads. This is especially true for ads where you don’t find a personal contact person and which are aimed exclusively at young women. This is usually not a good thing. With official, reputable landlords or providers, you can be sure that they are always interested in providing you with high-quality accommodation.

We wish you success in finding the perfect student accommodation in Kaiserslautern! Are you curious about apartment life with us? Learn more about the Staytoo concept here!