… at least when you are a student!

10 reasons to StayWithUs



Get yourself a private kingdom in a stylish apartment that you have all to yourself.


All Staytoo units come with modern locking systems and CCTV surveillance of the public areas.

Come to Stay

Be part of a vibrant community at Staytoo and make new friends in cosy common areas.


Stay on top of the cost because the whole living arrangement comes as an all-inclusive package deal.


Take your bicycle with you – at Staytoo`s we have sheds for safely parking your bike.


Living with us is easy. Just move in, everything you need is inclusive, no hidden catch.


At Staytoo we offer fitness facilities so you can work out at home at anytime – at no extra cost.


No need to take the wash home – at Staytoo we offer communal laundry areas.


Perfect for socializing and catching up with friends, joining others for lunch or relaxing in comfort.


Your friends will envy you – because the coolest parties and events will be at Staytoo.


There are no strangers here only friends you haven’t yet met.

William Butler Yeats

Study at Staytoo

At Staytoo you have all the facilities to get on with your studies. You can study on your own, with friends, inside or outside your apartment. Have fun while studying…

Have fun at Staytoo

Studying is not just about university, it is about life. At Staytoo we want you enjoy this fantastic period of your life to the fullest.

Relax at Staytoo

After a hard day at the university, you deserve a proper rest – relax inside your own apartment or drink a cup of coffee with your friends in the lounge area.


Student life should be carefree therefore you can forget about utility bills. Everything is included in the price!


At Staytoo, you will enjoy high quality and stylish accommodation, designed to give you a feeling of coming home. Enjoy your in-suite bathroom, private kitchen and a comfortable bed, along with study and living space while connecting to our fast WiFi-Network.

The Staytoo design is based on equality and shared values. We believe that architecture has an influence on our behaviour and well-being. Homey spaces that enable interaction and provide inspiration for social and intellectual development. Together with the inspiring architects from Steven Williams Associates we created a design to bring people together at every level of interaction and understanding. Therefore: StayWithUs!


Designed for students

In a world of faceless options, deciding where to stay can be difficult. Having you in mind, we are driven to provide you with more than just a place to sleep. To create places covering all your needs is challenging, but our ambition. StayYou at Staytoo and define yourself within our space and rather develop your own story than being a part of someone else’s.


Live the unique experience at Staytoo: meet up with peers and strive together to learn valuable and gain higher education in contrast to the mundane living experience you get elsewhere. Becoming a part of a vibrant community and making new friends are intrinsic values for us. Together we will make Staytoo the hotspot for your life.


When the boundaries of all areas of life are blurred by technology it’s important to let your mind run free wherever you are. Therefore Staytoo properties provide places to study, have fun and also to rest at the same time. StayWithUs creates personal value for you, because shared passion promotes greater performance in your academic and personal life.

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