Earning money while studying is always a good idea. If you’re smart, you’ll look for a job that kills several birds with one stone: With a part-time job as a student, you can have a lot of fun, take your first career steps and earn money on top of it. We present you 10 suitable jobs!

#1 Statist

You always wanted to do something with film? Then try your hand at being a statist. As a statist, you are paid per day of shooting and spend many hours on set, often without the camera running. But you can use this time to talk to other people. Who knows: Maybe you’ll make some valuable contacts this way? What’s more, with this part-time job there’s always the chance of being discovered for film and television.

#2 Helping out in sales

Find out if you have a talent for sales with this part-time job. But don’t worry: You don’t have to be born with sales skills, they can be learned just like any other. And it pays off! Good salespeople are needed in every industry. In addition, you work with people, which makes this part-time job very lively and strengthens your communication skills.

#3 Copywriter

If you have a knack for text and language, this part-time job is perfect for you. Texts are mainly used on the Internet, for online stores, websites, blogs, for social media marketing, etc. You should therefore acquire skills that will make you indispensable as an online copywriter, such as writing for search engines (SEO). Search for jobs on relevant copywriting portals. If you successfully complete these, your name will quickly get around, which will bring even more and, above all, better paid jobs.

#4 Web designer

The Internet lives not only from texts, but also from photos, illustrations, etc. Web designers take care of designing websites so that they are appealing to the user. This is a lot of fun and can be learned, whether through online courses or learning by doing. The best way is a combination of both: learning the principles of design and then applying them to websites. Over time, you’ll improve and develop better and better designs. The result, similar to copywriting, is a good order book.

Tip: Videos are by far the most popular content on the web. If you’re interested in design, it’s a good idea to look into video production to expand your range of services.

#5 Nightwatchman

The night watchman is the classic student job, but it hasn’t lost any of its appeal. This job has a decisive advantage: you find time and peace to study. Of course, you must not neglect your actual task of guarding the premises or buildings. However, most of the time nothing will happen. This is time that you can use to make progress in your studies.

#6 Supervisor

I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a nursing shortage in Germany. Skilled workers are desperately needed, but so are students who help out in a part-time job, such as a caregiver or household help. Whether as a child or senior citizen caregiver, you are engaged in an extremely meaningful and important occupation that is urgently needed in our society. Of course, this also includes activities such as babysitting. In all areas you take on great responsibility, which you will grow from.

#7 Animal Caregiver

Animals also need attention and care. As a pet sitter, you walk dogs, feed cats, or take care of budgies when their owners are on vacation. We think this is one of the best ways to earn money as a student. If you like animals, you’ll have a great time doing this.

#8 Tutor

Have you already successfully completed a few semesters in your studies? Then help first-year students learn the material! However, tutoring doesn’t have to be just about study content: Each of us can do something that another person wants to learn. If you’re an organizational whiz, teach others how to create daily schedules and keep things in order. Good with numbers and finances? Then show those around you how to keep a budget book. Tutoring in any form is one of the most effective ways to boost your financial coffers.

#9 Bartender

Whether it’s a hotel, bar or restaurant, the demand for staff is high in the hospitality industry. So, as a bartender, you have a good chance to earn money as a student. Plus, being able to mix delicious drinks is pretty cool, making you a magnet at parties.

The duration of a bartender training is manageable: If you put all your effort into it, for example during the semester break, you will be trained after about 3 weeks. If you complete the training alongside your studies, you can expect it to take about 3 months. Conclusion: Bartending is one of the hottest part-time jobs around.

#10 Own project

In our society, everything revolves around finding a job, whether it’s a part-time student job or a well-paid full-time job. But there is another way: earn money with your own project. This can be, for example, your own YouTube channel or your own online store.

Admittedly, it’s hard to set up your own business and earn money with it these days. But if you dare, you’ll seize the chance to become successful on your own. For example, if your own YouTube channel starts off well, you can feed it with more videos and let it grow step by step. In addition, no one talks you into your own project, you can determine 100% yourself. Isn’t that a great way to earn money as a student?

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