Finally out of the lecture hall.

It’s actually the perfect time to chill out and go on adventures.

The sun comes out and the temperature rises.

But you feel that lump in your throat.

“So, what do you do in summer?”

Your breath quickens, your pulse quickens when you hear this question.

Summer is the time of year to be outside a lot and enjoy life.

And that’s exactly the problem.

You’ve seen the videos on Insta and TikTok, young people smiling at the camera, having fun – on the beach, in a bar, at a festival.

Somehow they always seem to know what’s going on in summer.

But with you, there’s just this damn pressure and the accompanying fear of missing out on summer, of not having enjoyed it. Instead of a good mood, you feel FOMO (fear of missing out).

Many people feel like you!

Luckily, we’ve written this article for you with tips for the summertime. Against FOMO and for a great lecture-free time! 😎☀️

#1 Summer tips for Berlin

Summer in Berlin – that means pure nature and culture. Find out how to make the most of your summer in the capital.

Berlin lakes

Berlin has several lakes that you can reach super quickly from your Staytoo apartment.

These lakes are in your area:

  • Plötzensee (7 km away | small but beautiful)
  • Wannsee (15 km away | large inland beach, great lido)
  • Müggelsee (22 km away | many hiking and cycling trails, ideal for water sports)

Each lake and its surroundings are different, so it’s great fun to visit each of them and enjoy your time there.

Extra tip: The Landwehr Canal is only 2 km from the Staytoo apartment building. Not a lake, of course, but ideal for a walk along the water.

Open-air cinemas and concerts

The Freiluftkino Kreuzberg and the Freiluftkino Insel entice audiences with first-run movies in the open air. Here are a few selected movie tips:

Freiluftkino Kreuzberg:

  • Sonne und Beton (German coming-of-age drama) / 18.07. | 21:30
  • Poor Things (science-fantasy comedy with Emma Stone) / 23.07. | 21:15
  • Dirty Dancing (absolute dance movie classic) / 03.08. | 21:00 hrs

Outdoor Cinema Island:

  • Challengers – Rivals (exciting love triangle in a tennis environment) / 13.07. | 21:30 hrs
  • Open Screening (several short films by filmmakers) / 17.07. | 21:30 hrs
  • Barbie (black humor comedy with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling) / 27.07. | 21:45 hrs

And here are a few highlights of the open-air concert season:

  • Hypegarten Biergarten & Open Air Tanzbar / 27.07. | 15:00 – 22:00 | ŒLGARTEN
  • Christian Steiffen (“God of Schlager”) / 10.08. | 18:45 | Kulturbrauerei
  • Nina Chuba – Open Airs 2024 / 03.08. | 19:00 | Zitadelle Spandau

#2 Summer tips for Bonn

Summer is turning up in Bonn too. Time to get out your swimming trunks and bikini for the Römerbad! But there are other cool leisure tips:

Bonn forest reserve Kottenforst

The Kottenforst forest reserve is the ideal place to experience pure nature:

  • 40 km² forest area
  • Mixed and coniferous forests
  • Diverse wildlife
  • Numerous viewpoints and hiking trails

Rheinaue leisure park

In the middle of the leisure park is the 15-hectare Auensee lake, where boating is particularly fun. But the Rheinaue leisure park is also perfect for long walks and picnics. You can enjoy refreshments in the beer garden of the park restaurant.

  • Auensee: 15 hectares in size
  • Activities: Boating, walks, picnics
  • Park restaurant: Beer garden

Beethoven House Bonn

Follow in the footsteps of the famous composer and discover new sides to one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time in the special exhibition “Bernstein’s Beethoven”.

  • Special exhibition: “Bernstein’s Beethoven”
  • Duration of the exhibition: 03.05. – 19.08.

Leonard Bernstein, after whom the special exhibition is named, worked as a composer himself and is regarded as one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s outstanding mediators in the 20th century. In other words: make sure you visit the exhibition!

#3 Summer tips for Kaiserslautern

Explore a sea of flowers, walk along medieval paths and plunge into the urban nightlife – that’s how versatile Kaiserslautern is in summer.

Kaiserslautern Garden Show

The Kaiserslautern Garden Show opens its doors in the summer months. The large garden show is divided into thematically different areas, you will find examples of modern garden architecture as well as kitchen gardens, medicinal plant gardens and water gardens.

  • Thematic areas: modern garden architecture, kitchen gardens, medicinal plant gardens, water gardens
  • Seating areas and culinary highlights (brewery at the garden show)

Hohenecken Castle

If you are interested in the Middle Ages, a trip to the Hohenecken castle ruins is just the thing for you. Parts of the walls and the keep from past times of the so-called spur castle are still clearly visible, and you also get a breathtaking view of the forest and meadows.

  • History: dates back to the 13th century
  • Preserved parts: Walls, keep
  • View: Forest and meadows

Lautr summer evenings

Every second Thursday, bands perform on a mobile stage in the city center of Kaiserslautern. You can expect evenings full of dancing and music, for example from DJ DIDI, who blasts electric sound through the speakers.

  • Event: Lautrer Summer Evenings
  • Date: 13.06. – 22.08.
  • Activities: Dance, music, gastronomy

Enjoy this unique summer event, and if you need a break from dancing, just head to one of the nearby restaurants for a drink and something to eat.

#4 Summer tips for Leipzig

Richard Wagner is said to have once said: “The summer in Leipzig is unforgettable for me. I lived like in paradise.” You’re right, Richard! That’s how exciting the most beautiful time of year is in the trade fair city:

Leipzig New Lake District

The Leipzig New Lakeland was created from former lignite mining areas and invites you to enjoy wonderful excursions. You have a choice of different lakes, each with its own unique atmosphere – some are natural, others are perfect for sports enthusiasts:

These lakes are in your area:

  • Markkleeberger See (7 km away | with canoe park, also ideal for sailing)
  • Lake Cospuden (8 km away | very popular lake with a beach feeling)
  • Lake Zwenkau (14 km, geared towards water sports, somewhat snobby surroundings, but still great)

You should definitely explore the lakes by bike, as there are cycle paths around the lakes, with viewpoints, bathing spots, snack bars, restaurants and … oh, get on your bike and experience it for yourself!

International Bach Competition

Leipzig is known as the city of Bach, which has to do with the fact that the composer lived and worked here for 27 years. So it’s no wonder that Johann Sebastian gets his own competition here.

  • Date: 16-27.07.
  • Musical fireworks in a class of their own (violin, piano, voice & ensembles)
  • Performers dedicate themselves to various pieces by the artist
  • New sound highlights that you should not miss out on

Highfield Festival

When the sun pops, it’s time again: three days awake at Highfield on Lake Störmthal. Get ready for a line-up in a class of its own:

  • Alligatoah
  • Peter Fox
  • Trettmann
  • Rise Against
  • Cro

Any more questions? Nope? Very good. Then grab a tent and a sun hat (ultra-important, as there’s no shade!) and plenty of drinks of your choice to bathe in high spirits and the finest music at Highfield.

#5 summer tips for Nuremberg

The historic city of crafts and trade fairs has a multitude of summer highlights to offer. Our selection is the perfect mix of a diverse range of events.

Stadium Park Open-Air

Finch’s concerts are already sold out. But that doesn’t matter, because there are still tickets available for:

  • Status Quo + Spider Murphy Gang,
  • Wincent Weiss and
  • Save The Core.

Easily accessible and surrounded by greenery, the Stadionpark Open Air is perfect for summer vibes in Franconia.

Wakeboarding on Lake Brombach

The large reservoir is a good hour’s train ride from Nuremberg and takes around 50 minutes by car. The journey is worth it! You can hire wakeboards in the wonderful natural surroundings and have fun at the facility.

You have the choice between

  • the simple practice facility,
  • a 600-metre-long full-size cable and
  • a facility for advanced riders.

In the evening, you can relax at the beach bar sipping cocktails after a great day.

Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium

Blue skies and sunshine in summer are all well and good. But it’s really exciting to discover our starry tent in the large planetarium. In Bavaria’s largest star theater, you can explore stars, moons, planets and entire galaxies. There are also fascinating events that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

These events take place in summer (selection):

  • Time travel – from the Big Bang to mankind (13.07.)
  • The current starry sky over Nuremberg (31.07.)
  • Expedition into the solar system (15.08.)

Look beyond the proverbial horizon and spend at least part of the summer in space, in the most fascinating place of all.

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We wish you a great summer with lots of sun, good vibes and wonderful experiences.

Ahoy and see you soon,

Your Staytoo team