#StayTraditional – The world’s most interesting New Year’s Tradtitions

The most beautiful New Year’s traditions of the world

In Germany we usually ring in the new year surrounded by our friends and/or family, while watching the famous “Dinner For One” Sketch, trying to predict the upcoming year by pouring lead into water and getting mentally prepared for the fireworks. But how does the rest of the world spend New Year’s and what bizarre or sweet traditions do other countries have in store?

The right underwear

First things first, you need to pick the color of your underwear in order to start your year right. This is a tradition in a lot of countries, but is handled differently in most of them. In Brazil for example, the people commonly wear white underwear to symbolize a pure start into the new year. However, in Spain, China and Italy everyone wears read underwear as a lucky charm for the upcoming year. By using this guide: https://livingmividaloca.com/new-years-eve-underwear-color-meaning/ you can choose the right color for yourself. So, choose wisely!

12 Grapes

Spanish people literally stuff their faces on New Year’s with grapes, exactly 12. They have to be eaten after midnight while the bells ring 12 times. During each bell strike you have to eat one grape and if you still have grapes left over in your mouth after the 12th ring, you will supposedly be haunted by bad luck the entire next year. So be careful!

Jumping into the new year

Other than the Spanish, the Danish have a tradition of basically taking a leap into the New Year. Everyone gets on a chair or a table at 12 o’clock on the dot in order to jump down from them. In Brazil there is also a tradition, that has to do with jumping. The people, that live by the ocean go to the beach at midnight and jump over seven little waves. Each wave you jump over gives you the opportunity to make a wish.

Ashes to ashes

In order to make sure, that your New Year’s wishes come true, the Russians write those on a piece of paper, which they burn afterwards. The ashes of your written down wish will be put in a glass of champagne, which you drink at midnight. On that note, cheers and a Happy New Year!

All around the world

In Columbia they have the perfect tradition for anyone who loves to travel, because it supposedly brings you luck, if you run around the block with an empty suitcase and simultaneously guarantees that you are going to travel a lot during the New Year.

Round is the new squared

On the Philippines it is a custom to sit around a round table on New Year’s and focus on everything being round. The round table is decorated with round fruits, the people give each other coins and wear dotted clothing.

Knock, Knock

In Scotland as well as in Greece it is an old custom, that the first person, that enters your home after midnight on New Year’s Eve can either bring you luck or be very unlucky. If the person is a friend or a member of the family and carries gifts, it is a good omen and means that you will be lucky in the next year. If the person that arrives is a stranger and does not bring anything with him, you will supposedly be haunted by bad luck.

These were just a few of our favorite traditions and customs, that people honor all over the world. We hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve with friends and family. Even if you did not do any customary rituals, we wish you a lot of luck for the upcoming year and that you have the energy to make all your good resolutions a reality.