Learning means laboriously slogging through the subject matter? Fortunately not! Every person is different, and that also applies to learning. Science has found out that there are different learning types. We’ll show you which learning types there are, how you can find your learning type and which learning methods suit you best.

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#1 Auditory learning type

If you are an auditory learner, then you remember information particularly well by listening. You absorb knowledge from lectures, webinars and audio books like a sponge, and you also benefit from this effect when you read notes to yourself.

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#2 Visual learning type

Learning content is memorized particularly well when you can see it. You learn particularly quickly and effectively when you read texts; diagrams such as mind maps or infographics also help you to store knowledge permanently. As a visual learner, pictures that you visualize in your mind’s eye also work well.

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#3 Motor or haptic learning type

The motor or haptic type of learner learns with his whole body, i.e. he has to move physically while learning. This is of course difficult in the academic, theory-heavy field, but movement also means writing with your hand. If you are a motoric-haptic type of learner, it is therefore important that you work a lot with your hands in order to store knowledge.

With learning methods such as learning by flashcards, you can also move around the room to promote the learning effect.

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#4 Communicative learning type

For communicative learning types, conversation is the learning form par excellence. They retain knowledge by discussing it with others, illuminating the material from different perspectives and repeating it. Linguistic links in one’s own head (mnemonic bridges) are also stored well by the communicative learner type.

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#5 Cognitive-intellectual learning type

The cognitive-intellectual learner memorizes the material through understanding. In this case, learning works by reflecting on the content, i.e. by critically and independently examining the subject matter. If the information is logically comprehensible for the cognitive-intellectual learning type, it is much easier for them to remember it.

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How to find your learning type

You are unsure which learning type you are? Find out with a learning type test! We can recommend the following three tests:

Tip: In reality, there are hardly any pure learning types. Most people belong to a primary learning type, but also combine characteristics of other learning types. So feel free to try out other learning methods that do not match your primary learning type!

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